Real estate properties are classified into residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, and business opportunities. Most transactions are performed within the residential area which includes houses, condominiums, apartments, villas and townhomes. Most sellers and buyers of real estate property hire a real estate sales associate to assist them in the process. A real estate sales associate is a professional who is trained in the intricacies associated with the transferring of real estate properties, but they must possess a real estate license. In order to obtain this license, the applicant must successfully complete a 63 hour course and pass a state exam. Once they earn their real estate licensees, they work as independent contractors. This means that they must register with a real estate brokerage company, but this company cannot tell them what to do, how to do their jobs or how many hours they are required to work. They get paid on a commissions basis, depending on the price of the property. If a property is sold for $1,000,000, the sales associate usually earns between $30,000 and $60,000. The process is rather simple. They show properties to buyers, or they sell properties for seller by placing them in the Multiple Listing Service for other sales associates to sell them.


OBTAIN YOUR REAL ESTATE LICENSE: A common mistake made by many real estate sales associates is believing that the real estate license is all they need to succeed in real estate. In reality, it is only the first step towards success. 

EXPOSE YOURSELF: If nobody knows that you have a real estate license, is like not having a license at all. You need to let everybody know that you are now a real estate sales associate. This includes family, friends, acquaintances and strangers. The amount of exposition is as important as the quality of your exposition. The higher the value of the property your customers are willing to sell or capable of buying, the higher your commission is going to be.

BE PERSISTENT, CONSISTENT AND PATIENT: Real estate is no different than many other business, it takes a while to build a clientele. If you become discouraged, disenchanted or disappointed before you see any results, that will be the end of your real estate career.

OFFER OUTSTANDING SERVICE: You have to stand out from your competition. This is an area were our real estate courses could be of enormous help. Throughout the course, we will be offering you tips of what to do, and what not to do, in order to leave a lasting impression on your customers.       

REGISTER WITH THE RIGHT BROKERAGE COMPANY: We guarantee you employment in our affiliated brokerage company, where the working conditions, sales training and technical support are insuperable.        


Congratulations for choosing one of the most lucrative and fascinating careers available in the employment market.

For only $399 and with about one and a half months training, you can earn thousands of dollars in real estate commissions, with very little effort, and helping many people achieve their dream of buying a home. 

What is best, you can work independently, at your own pace, from your own home, with very little supervision, and with a lot of technical support. 

We will teach you real estate practices, principles, laws and math - and all you need to know in order to obtain your real estate license. 

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63 Hour Real Estate Sales Associate Pre-License Course



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