There are many different real estate schools promising quality education for students. Most of them will teach you what you need to know to pass the real estate exam. At the minimum, they have to teach you the state requirements and most of them stop at the minimum. They never help you learn the practical skills to make your new career a success.

It is important to go with a school that can help you succeed at a real estate career and provide an avenue for you to learn those practical on the job skills. Century Real Estate Brokers in partnership with Century Real Estate Academy can help you get those on the job practical skills.

There are two important practical skills that are necessary for any real estate agent to have. These are the ability to find potential customers and the ability to close the deal. They go hand in hand with success.

Learning how to find customers is an on the job exercise. A mentor to help learn the ins and outs and practice with is imperative. Every market has a different demographic base and they require different methods to effectively reach customers. These include things like which ads work best for particular customers and which customers respond best to different outreach methods.

Once you have located potential customers, you need to know how to close the deal. Some people are natural born salespeople, while others need to learn how to close the sale. Working alongside experienced professionals who are closing deals on a regular basis can help you learn how to close your own deals. You can learn how to take care of customer needs and make them feel comfortable that they choose you as their real estate agent. You can learn how to give your customers a feeling of confidence in their new home purchase.

To succeed in real estate requires a combination of book learning and practical experience. This not unlike professions like Engineering, Computer Programming and Medicine. Their respective education programs teach the basics of the profession and it is up to the freshly minted graduate to learn on the job skills. Thanks to their relationship with Century Real Estate Brokers, Century Real Estate Academy can help you learn the on job skills that will make you a successful real estate agent.